Practicing Tai Chi

Practicing Tai Chi is not just moving through the forms of the tai chi set.  It’s not just practicing the other Taoist Arts, foundations or meditation.  It’s not just coming together and finding our connections, relaxing and working with one another.  Practicing Tai Chi also includes how we interact with people throughout our lives.  It is our exchange of energy with the environment. It is respecting the spectrum of yin and yang aspect of all things.  It is achieving balance throughout our lives and by balance I mean the appropriate amounts of different things, not equal amounts.  Everything to it’s own accord.  It is knowing thyself and our particular balance of self to others and self to environment. It’s our personal biz integrating with the biz of those in our lives. Practicing Tai Chi is about continuous and incremental change as we progress along the path in our particular life.

What we are now is not what we were seven years ago.  In that time our bones have completely replaced themselves through normal biological processes.  We are not what we were a month ago when we had an entirely different liver.  We think we are the same as we used to be physically, psychologically and spiritually in the past.  We are not and we will not be what we are now in the future.  This to is practicing Tai Chi.  It is the wisdom of our unique situation as individuals and as conscious beings.  In this wisdom we are practicing Tai Chi with the rest of humanity whether they know the tai chi set of movements, Tae Kwon Do, Jeet Kun Do, football, Catholicism, Wicca, Islam, weight lifting, working, retired, schooling or whatever we may do.

Exchanging energy, changing throughout our lives, and practicing the forms and rituals we do is the grand ultimate.

3 thoughts on “Practicing Tai Chi

  1. WOW! totally cool and so close to an idea I was trying to express today as well. whatever we do, we are all just expanding from the same neural network. I love “it is our energy exchange with the environment.” that says so much. thanks for expanding my perception of Tai Chi and in life. thanks my friend, momentummikey 🙂


    1. We are here to help one another on our paths. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Your comment on “expanding from the same neural network” reminds me of another perspective on the thought I was trying to express in the post about Learning Tai Chi such that we should be able to learn Tai Chi from anybody including those that don’t even do Tai Chi.

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      1. good posts, I’ve just started reading about Tao and re-energizing my chi, so I look forward to learning so much more. Remembering so much more. Living more NOW. thanks for the words and inspiration friend.


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