The Between

We are found between:
our thoughts and feelings,
our hopes and despair, and
our movement and stillness.

Do you know this place between?
It is the space between thoughts.
It is the move between the moves.
It is the letting go beneath the pain and joy.

The between is the face in the mirror
able to smile without laughter,
able to observe without judgement, and
be fully present without past or future.

The between is the life we live between birth and death.
The between is you and I connected without being together.
The between is what we cultivate through the decades of
practice together but ultimately alone in the womb of our creation.


I apologize for not posting in a while. Life slips away without our knowing sometimes. Through the slipping, I’ve found more connections than every before. I hope you have as well. 


There is a place within us where all thoughts meet.

This place can not be found or revealed when you seek.

It’s something you pass through when focussing on something else.

It emerges out of the life-long practice of something beyond yourself.

It cannot be taught. It can be shared. It’s feeling with our thought.

It’s thought with our feeling.  It’s discovered when peeling

away the layers of pomp, romp  and circumstance.

This place of no place is within us all.

It is our center of action

without reaction.

It is simply



without need

to move or react to

what’s happening around us,

This is the place within us all discovered

by some in meditation and by others through interaction.

Stillness is when a mountain crashes down before you and you

remain unmoved.  It is being unstirred by the passions while at the

same time embracing the senses, perceptions and fantasies of mind.

Stillness enables our passions to connect and explore without

emptiness of spirit.  Stillness is where we all return

when we let go of our need to be

something we are not.