This blog exists for the singular purpose of sharing practical ideas for living a pleasurable life.  It is rooted in the Taoist Arts of Tai Chi, Lok Hup and Hsing-I.  Although my training through the years has been with the Taoist Tai Chi Society, this website is not sanctioned in any way by the Society.  If you have interest in learning the Taoist Arts, I highly encourage you to seek a qualified instructor with the intent of sharing and not for profit.  Besides making money as a martial arts or Taoist instructor is damn near impossible.  For myself, I’m unable to share some of my life long learning in a Taoist Tai Chi class setting as my wife and I have taken on the project of raising kids which absorbs most if not all of our energy.  A Tai Chi class is a time commitment of more than four hours due to travel and class time.  That’s not something we can afford right now in our lives plus the kids may not find as much enjoyment out of attending class as we do together.

The posts are grounded in the principles of Taoism but mired in my personal experience of life.  The Taoist Arts and associated philosophy is the basis of the book I”m attempting to publish and share via another blog,  You will no doubt see links from this website to that one.  Feel free to follow and check out the ideas.  My focus here is to simply share my unadulterated experience of my life long practice of the Taoist Arts.  There will be reflections on the movements of Tai Chi, Lok Hup and Hsing-I.  There will be ideas on the pragmatic nature of the Taoist arts and practice of the physical forms.  To reiterate, to learn the Taoist Arts you should seek guidance from a qualified instructor as much of this is learned through hands-on practice with guidance from someone who has many decades of experience.

If you’re interested in another perspective on the Taoist Arts and applying to your daily living, I suggest you follow this blog.  It has information for us to squee more pleasure and joy out of our daily practice using Taoist principles.  If you are uncertain you should check out some of the posts herein.

If you have further interest in finding out more you can try the following the other social media I share on the internet:

Thanks for taking the time to learn about his blog.  Perhaps we may explore more of our daily practice together.  to facilitate this exploration, feel free to open up a dialog with a comment.

For now, adieu.

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