This blog is dedicated to Master Moy Lin Shin and all the amazing volunteer instructors at the Taoist Tai Chi Society.  Without the giving and helpful attitudes, I would not have found my heart in martial arts.  Without their attention to detail and feedback, I would not have evolved my self-control and self-awareness.  Without their actions to correct my mistakes, I would not have improved so readily.  Master Moy’s leadership and vision helped me to understand what intent is and how to apply it in my own life.  The different perspectives of the instructors helped me to realize my view is but one of many and within a spectrum of ideas.  You helped me set off on a path with heart and successful life.

I also want to thank my wife, who willingly tried a class on her own without me in it.  She found her own connection to the Taoist Arts.  Together, we have initiated a lifelong practice.  Who knows where our practice will take us.  I keep learning from you day-to-day which I appreciate to no end.  You balance my existence in the full sense of copulating yin and yang both in the internal and external sense.  I hope to keep our dance going for the rest of our days.

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